Hi everyone,

Tara Pine here.

People keep on asking me one question: “Why don’t I have enough energy?”

Let’s look into this problem together.

We live on the planet called Earth under the star called the Sun and our lives revolve around sustaining a particular energy level. We breathe, we eat, we interact with other people and objects and it changes our energy level.

You’d agree that a quest for energy goes on all our lives. In our relationships, be it husband-and-wife or parent-and-child, we are all after juicy energy to keep us feeling happy.

There is different energy flow in different systems.

As a rule, our bosses at work have an elevated energy level, they control the people beneath them. Say, if we overslept and were late for work, we may be uneasy about explaining it to them. In fact, we channel some of our energy to them by being anxious.

There is an energy exchange to the great degree between sexual partners but it is a whole separate topic. We may talk about it later.

In short, we all want to be appriciated at work, loved by our second halves, respected by our children and treasured by our parents because it fills us with good energy.

So how come so many people don’t feel this energy directly, just by being alive?

The problem is that nowadays our brain often replaces the proper function of our energy centers – so called chakras. An average person living in a big city has only two-three functioning chakras. Usually even these chakras have to be partly powered by the people around us.

For example city girl tells you that she can’t fall in love, she says that she can’t find the right person who would be able to give her what she needs. This is because her chakras are starving and are only able to receive energy.

It is very common now to have blocked throat chakra. We can’t always process our past negative experiences – can’t swallow them if you like – and as result very little energy sips down through our throat chakras.

Another problem is that even when the energy is there, we often don’t know how to channel it in the best way.

For example, we often choose to interact with a computer screen for sexual plesure. This way, instead of exchanging energy with a living human being during intercourse, we simply flush our energy down.

We also flush our energy down the drain when we watch or read the news and become involved in all the social tension, plenty of which is present in the world.

Let’s face it – many of us shut reality out of our lives. We go to work in the morning, we come home in the evening and stare into a screen in order to relax. We are surrounded by concrete, brick and mortar and the purpose of our lives is to repay the mortgage or to get one. We don’t notice the Sun above our heads and the Earth underneath our feet, our energy flow is almost dead. We have to spend a lot of money in pharmacies just to carry on living.

My dear friends, if we want to be able to feel our energy we have to build it up above certain level and to sustain it.

I hope I answered your question. Love and light to you all.