Hi everyone,

Tara Pine here.

Today we will be talking about our inner dialogue. Many of us already know how important it is to be able to pause it and achieve stillness in our mind. Our inner dialogue is the main reason we can’t feel our energy flow – our brain is too busy with chatter to be able to notice anything else. There are always some thoughts, whispers or songs to be heard in the background inside our heads and we consider it to be the functioning of our brain.

In fact, the 2-3% of brain potential we use while awake, so called day consiousness, works just like the radio or TV tuning itself into this or that wave length. It’s like having a super computer in hand and using it only for watching videos and not even being able to choose what to watch.

We need our brain to recieve information from the outside world, to process it and to make a decision based on it. However, more often than not, when the decision is already made and we are in the process of implementing it, our brain is singing something like “Desmond has a barrow in the market place…”

So why do we have to stop inner dialogue? The truth is that the overwhelming traffic of information, all these billboards with slogans, keeps our brain busy and unable to notice the plain reality around us. This, first of all, takes up a lot of our energy flow so some chakras may start starving which, in turn, will stimulate our brain to substitute their functions.

Secondly, spammed input traffic makes us not able to notice the reality around us. If only we could choose a pill, like Neo in the “Matrix”, and have this veil taken off our eyes…

During meditation we learn how to tune our brain into the wave length of our choice after we silence it. Ultimately, we can tune into our subconsious and this may bring an additional dimension(s) into our life.

You can try meditating on the flame of the candle to begin with. If you manage to stare at it thoughtlessly, say for one hour, you will feel your energy levels rising straight away. Your sensitivity will increase as well and you may start to experience subtle sensations during meditation like tingling on your fingertips or goose bumps on your skin.

I wish you every success and excitement on your path to your true self.